Mautic and open source communication tools

Did you hear that Acquia is acquiring Mautic? Have you heard of Mautic? I’ve kicked its tires a bit, and I’ve considered it to be a viable alternative to “big box” mailing solutions like Mailchimp. I’ve been curious about how quiet the project has been since a big PR push about a year ago, and I’m optimistic that Acquia may give them a healthy way forward.

Mautic is an open source “marketing automation” solution, although it also shares some of its feature list with CRM and mailing list / drip campaign solutions. If you know of my past Drupal work, you’ll understand why I’m excited about a viable open source player in that field.

Let me know if you’re interested in learning more about Mautic, and I’ll keep you in the loop as I try it out further.

Perhaps in marketing world, everyone knows what “marketing automation” means, but to me it sounds like it could be one of a billion possible things related to marketing. And their website provides absolutely nothing to help clarify! They have no intro video, no list of main components, no talk about what sorts of problems it solves. Is it more than a glorified email-sending pipeline attached to cron? If so, how so?

Hah, great point.

Maybe I came at it with a kind of confirmation bias. The need I’ve been most interested in solving has been segmented mailings. That it seems to be able to do that made it appear to be a good product. If you have some other definition of ‘marketing automation’ in mind – or no definition at all – then I can see how the site isn’t very helpful. A prominent features page would be nice, as their “about” page isn’t particularly illuminating:

Marketing Automation is a platform for saving time, eliminating errors, and improving efficiency for a wide range of marketing tasks across multiple channels.


In addition to email/drip campaigns, it seems to involve landing pages and other tracking. I’m no power-marketeer (in case that wasn’t obvious), but I liked the idea because anything that can perform even basic marketing tasks while keeping user/contact/tracking data in-house interests me.